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HMI’s Inside-Out: Tips & Tricks From Design to Production

HMI’s Inside-Out: Tips & Tricks From Design to Production

Sebastian Gepp

Head of Printed Electronics Dev.

Kundisch GmbH & Co. KG

HMI’s Inside-Out: Tips & Tricks From Design to Production

What is the challenge of membrane keyboards and why are those seemingly nostalgic products still produced today? What important design rules need to be known in order to have a long-lasting product? And what trends within an HMI are tackled already today for future products to come? These are just a few questions we will try to answer in our master class “HMI’s inside – out”. We will discuss and show the production of classical membrane keyboards in order to show the basics for more sophisticated HMI systems including touch sensors and built-in electronics (hybrid electronics). We will show design rules and the daily challenge of this industry living between two worlds. The world of graphic design on the one hand and electronic engineers on the other hand. Lastly, we like to give an outlook on future HMIs and the seamless integration of those in an enclosure all the way up to a complete system. This includes soldered components, printed antennae and graphic arts combined with appealing illumination and integrated displays.

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