Hybrid Package

Year-round interactive exhibition booths, targeted exposure & high-value leads

Our unique hybrid package combines a physical table top booth at our Eindhoven event, year round online exhibition booth, digital marketing, virtual webinar & workshop support, email marketing, lead generation, group access and online meeting tools.  

TechBlick LIVE! The Future of Electronics RESHAPED

12 & 13 October

Exhibitors at TechBlick LIVE! will be offered a comprehensive hybrid package with a physical table top booth in Eindhoven and a year-round online exhibition booth and digital marketing support on the TechBlick platform.  See further information on the virtual exhibition/marketing package here.

In Eindhoven the table top exhibition package includes:

  • Two conference passes so you can enjoy all the talks.

  • A table, two chairs, power and internet connection

  • All refreshments including lunch on 12 & 13 October

  • There will also be a limited number of exhibitor talks  available, depending on your package.


Please see the exhibition floorplan below.


Further information on pricing for new and existing members of TechBlick will be available shortly. You can see the details of our year-round virtual booth and marketing support packages here.


In the meantime please contact for further information.


Free Tabletop

Reserved Tabletop


Bar Tables

Food & Beverage

Very good. Your virtual conference platform is top notch!

Roche Diabetes Care Inc

Many thanks for inviting me to give a presentation at your amazing event! It was really a good experience! I enjoyed the platform a lot and how it is designed

Siemens Healthcare

Another worthwhile Techblick virtual event: excellent speakers presenting compelling content combined with terrific networking opportunities

Panasonic Electronic Materials

Techblick is the success story in virtual conferencing and we are looking forward to the next event


TechBlick was a fantastic experience! Not only were the speakers excellent and the topics interesting, but also the virtual platform was easy to use and greatly facilitated our networking efforts. We look forward to participating in the next event!"

Brilliant Matters

The event was awesome, TechBlick is a great platform.

Applied Materials

TechBlick made virtual interaction real


Techblick is the only online event in the field of printed and hybrid electronics which gives the feeling of real live events so far.

Kundish GmbH

The TechBlick event on Printed Electronics has been a true success. One of the best virtual events - that I have ever attended. Great talks and networking opportunities


Absolutely fantastic event at TechBlick, very interactive and focused. PrintCB received great traction when presenting its new copper solutions for automotive, electrification and printed electronics.