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A TechBlick Pass gives you 12 months access to our platform from the date you join. 
You can attend regular LIVE (online) conferences and watch over 250 past presentations, on-demand. You can also enjoy exclusive networking sessions and listen to the expert-led masterclasses on emerging technologies. 
In addition you can also join us for the TechBlick LIVE! conference and exhibition on 12 & 13 October in Eindhoven, if applicable.

Is this a webinar or a webinar series?

Absolutely NOT. All our events take place in a fully-integrated community-centric events platform. This means you can see all the other members or participants, and directly network with them. This also means that the sponsor pages, sponsor demos, and live exhibition booths are all integrated in the same web-based platform. It goes without saying that you can also browse the schedule and join the LIVE talk you like, or using the search function or our tagging system you can locate a past talk or masterclass that you missed and engage with it. We believe this is the best platform out there and we have assessed nearly all of them.

What is meant by all-year-around and online?

Our events are, in a sense, perpetual events. Our events do not begin and end in one or two days. Instead, the event goes on for the entire year. What this means is that we organize regular major and mini conferences on select emerging technology topics throughout the year for our members and sponsors. Indeed, each year we bring our subscribers 500+ analyst-picked LIVE online presentations and 10+ industry-led masterclasses. Our major conferences usually have three parallel sessions and consist of 80+ speakers. They occur every 4-6 weeks. The mini ones occur in-between the major ones, and as the name suggests are small (3-5 speakers) and often free-to-attend

What is the Annual Pass model?

It is simple and clear-cut. You buy one annual pass, and for one full year you will have access to all our past (on-demand) and future (LIVE + on-demand) conferences and presentations as well as all our masterclasses. We organize some 500+ talks per year and 10+ masterclasses. You can sign up for any of the listed events and you will recieve your annual access.

What is a LIVE online conference?

It means that the speakers will be there and delivering the content in real-time live from their own location. It means that the talks will not be pre-recorded unless there is a major time zone clash. We have been to too many online events where the speakers sent in a recording and forgot to show up! With LIVE, it will be like a real conference. Sometimes, there might be connection issues, but it will be well worth it (by the way, how many times in a physical event did you see an HDMI problem?) Of course, LIVE means that the polls and the Q&As will also be live, giving further opportunity for live interaction

What is meant by a community centric event platform?

You can see all the other members of the community, view their profiles, and interact with them without any limitations. You can also post your thoughts or comments on the social wall in the event platform, and all the other community members can interact with it just like any social media. You can also comment on talks, ask questions, and participate in polls. Overall, it is a very different experience from the one-way communication of a webinar!

What is an on-demand library of content?

Over time, we built a library of content from our past conferences. You can search all these contents and engage with them. You can do the same with our masterclasses. This is a fantastic source of information, be it to learn about market trends and forecasts, end user requirements, innovative start-up, review of the state-of-the-art of a given technology and its future roadmap, and even competitive info on your rivals.

What about serendipity?

In some physical tradeshows, especially large ones, there is a major serendipity factor that drives innovation and business. A person is not really looking for anything specific but is just wandering around. Or someone is attending one booth but ends up in the neighbouring ones by luck and inspired! Can the same be done online? We believe yes! This is one reason why we mix multiple close and synergetic but not identical topics. This will mix the audiences. This is also why we use the same event platform and space for all our topics. This is because we believe that communities should not be walled off and it is through this random Brownian motion that one always ends up finding the treasure and the inspiration. More importantly, during the events, we do round-robin video-based speed dating. You get connected to other participants at random and will have 4min of video conversation. If this is going well you can twice extend it in two-minute tranches. What is even better is that at the end you will recieve an email summarising all your connections so you can follow up!

What is exhibitor-to-attendee link?

It is just like entering a physical booth. When somebody enters your booth space, by one click, they can enter a video call with you! Of course, the exhibitor will have had to set their open and active hours. Outside these hours, the video link will not work because the exhibitor is not there. You can however still send the exhibitors chat or browse and interact with their booth content. The video call can be conducted using mobile phones so if you are busy or on the move, not to worry, you can use the app on your mobile phone!

Platform & Networking Demo Videos

The following videos demonstrate what to expect in our upcoming LIVE (online) events. We introduce the event platform and describe the attendee-to-exhibitor as well as the attendee-to-attendee networking opportunities.