Neotech AMT GmbH

DescriptionNeotech AMT GmbH is a leading developer of production level systems for 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE). The company began pioneering 3D PE development s in 2009 and installed the world’s first 5 axis 3D PE system in 2010. This system expertly combines hard- and software elements into a unique solution capable of producing complex mechatronic systems, from prototyping through to high volume manufacture. The first mass-production capable system of type 45X was built 2012 with EU/US/CN patents granted in 2015. Commercial mass production started on Neotech systems in late 2015 in mobile devices. In July 2019 Neotech was the winner of the 2019 TüV Süd – Innovation prize (Germany wide competition). Neotech continues to develop opportunities in this newly emerging technological field.


Address: Arndtstrasse, 47, Frankfurt a.M, 60325, Germany

Tel:        +49 17661704139


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