National Research Council  Canada (NRC)

National Research Council Canada (NRC)

The National Research Centre (NRC) is a Government of Canada organization. Its mandate is set out in the National Research Council Act. Close to 4,000 people across Canada are employed by the NRC. In addition, the NRC also employs guest workers from universities, companies, and public and private-sector organisations. Under the Act, NRC is responsible for: Undertaking, assisting or promoting scientific and industrial research in fields of importance to Canada; Providing vital scientific and technological services to the research and industrial communities; Investigating standards and methods of measurement; Working on the standardization and certification of scientific and technical apparatus, instruments and materials used or usable by Canadian industry; Operating and administering any astronomical observatories established or maintained by the Government of Canada; Establishing, operating and maintaining a national science library; and Publishing and selling or otherwise distributing such scientific and technical information as the Council deems necessary.