ACI Materials

ACI manufactures high-performance inks, pastes, and coatings using a revolutionary cavitation process coupled with decades of combined formulation experience. Customers count on us to deliver high performance materials that outperform old technologies and enable new applications.

The story begins at a nanoparticle level. Cavitating nano to micron sized particles in a controlled manner results in inks, pastes, and coatings with a superior level of dispersion. This unparalleled dispersion unlocks the true potential of the constituent materials and enables new levels of performance, simultaneously elevating mechanical and electrical properties while improving quality. ACI Materials are perfect for flexible hybrid electronics, wearable electronics, aerospace, and solar applications.

ACI’s CEO Dana Hankey has been entrenched in high pressure cavitation technology since 2001. Years of process refinement in pursuit of a unique cavitation process tool lead to a breakthrough: the introduction of viscous materials into a controlled cavitation zone. The process creates very stable formulated specialty inks, pastes, and coatings in a single process step due to the unparalleled dispersion capabilities as compared to standard industry practices.

Applied Cavitation was incorporated in 2013 to commercialize new materials enabled by this process technology. Applied Cavitation, Inc. was rebranded to ACI Materials in 2017.


Address: Arndtstrasse, 47, Frankfurt a.M, 60325, Germany

Tel:        +49 17661704139


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