Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, 3D Electronics: Innovation Showcase Day

2 December 2022
Virtual Event Platform

This unique one-day two-track live online conference and exhibition with a curated world-class agenda covers the following overarching themes: (1) Innovations Showcase in Printed Flexible Hybrid 3D Electronics and (2) Wearable Sensors, Intelligent Skin Patches, and E-Textiles

Topics Covered

Ink-Less Printing | Solder/ECA-Less Bonding | Printed Heaters | LIDAR and Radars | Hybrid Electronics | InMold Electronics | Printed Electronics with Integrated SMT | Transparent Conductors | Green Printed Electronics Materials | 3D Electronics | Flexible Logic and Backplanes | Nove Inks | Low Temperature Sinter Pastes | Graphene and 2DM Inks | Smart Apparel | Printed Biosensors | Wearable Brain-Computer Interfaces |In-Ear Sensors |Non-Invasive Continuous Bio-Signal Monitoring | Remote Electrical Neuromodulation | Soft Wearable Bioelectronics | Mass Production of Wearable Devices |Disposable Wearable Devices | Neuron Stimulation and Measurements |Electronic Tattoos | Wearable Sensors for Sports and Athletics |Soft Electrodes | Skin electrophysiology | Wearable Neuromorphic Devices | Stretchable Electronics | Continuous EEG Monitoring | Arterial Pulse Wave Monitoring | Stretchable Electronics | Electronic Textiles | Intelligent Skin Patches | Vital Signs Monitoring | Textile and Wearable Computing | Smart Fabrics |

Confirmed speakers:


Marquardt Group
NAMICS Technologies
ATT Advanced Thermal Technologies
FLEEP Technologies
Silicon Austria
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)
Murata Manufacturing
Binder ITZ
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