Each member of our team has well over a decade of global experience either in analysing emerging technologies or in organising global conferences and exhibitions in emerging technologies. We all joined forces to create a truly unique offering for our annual subscribers and sponsors

Our events are completely online and we have decided to embrace all the advantages of going online. This does not mean that we think that physical events will not return or that online will fully replace physical events. In fact, the exact opposite.

However, we firmly believe that online offers unique features that physical can not match. In fact, we have carefully designed and built our entire approach and business model on the unique and enabling characteristics of online events.


Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh

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Khasha is the CEO of TechBlick. He has spent more than a decade leading a global analysts teams focused on emerging technologies at IDTechEx. He has developed market-leading industry reports and supported numerous clients in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Prior to founding TechBlick, Khasha was the Research Director at a global market research firm. He completed his masters and PhD at the University of Cambridge and UCL, respectively. He worked with Samsung to produce and characterize state-of-the-art TFTs. He is regularly cited in leading journals and his academic publications are cited over a 1000 times. 


Ms Chris Clare

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Event Director at TechBlick, Chris  is a veteran of the events business. Prior to joining TechBlick, she managed a global portfolio of events on printed electronics and advanced materials at IDTechEx.  Here she developed and organized global events in the US, UK, Germany, Korea, and Japan for over 3000 attendees and 250 exhibitors.  She has also run events for NASA DPS and The Arcus Foundation  in Cambridge, UK.  She started her career at DuPont where she organized their European company meetings and external exhibitions. 


Mr Danny Jung

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Danny is the Director of our Asia Operations. He has been the country and regional manager for many firms including Sigfox, BitTorrent, Arm, Sensnode, ScanLife, TIM Solutions, Loral, eBridgecom, Taewon, IDTechEx, and many others. He has excellent connections and an unbelievable ability to open doors and make connections. He is our bridge between Asia, especially Korea, and the West.  He is a graduate of Purdue University and Stanford University.


Yunqiao Fu

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Yunqiao Fu is a professional technical and marketing manager, who created an international business roadmap for CGIA(China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry). He is currently working as an International Marketing Manager for Beijing Graphene Institute and is contributing to Graphene 2021 Conference as the member of International Industrial Scientific Committee. He has more than 8 years’ experience in graphene related works especially after he in charge of the international communication between Chinese graphene society with the international academia and industry since 2018. He was the head of planner for the GRAPCHINA, one of the largest commercial events for global graphene industry.


Thomas Keenan

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Tom is a Customer Engagement Director at TechBlick. He is a true veteran of the conference and exhibition business. He has a reputation of building strong and lasting relationships with clients. Prior to joining TechBlick, Tom held multiple international senior-level and management positions in the conference and trade show business within the publishing, emerging technologies, medical, and textiles sector. Tom is most passionate about printed electronics and graphene, having developed strong personal relationships with all the key stakeholders. He is originally from West Virginia and now resides in the UK.


Behnam Ojaghloo

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Behnam is a technology analyst. His passion is in researching and assessing new technologies. He is also focused on identifying and interviewing the key players in the value chain, ranging from OEMs and end users to innovative start-ups.  Behnam is an electrical engineer having completed both his masters and bachelors at the Amirkabir University of Technology. Before joining TechBlick, Behnam was an analyst focused on all aspects of autonomous mobility and prior to that he was busy developing power electronic devices and embedded systems.  


Gregory Becht

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Greg is a Technical Fellow at TechBlick. He got his pH.D in inorganic chemistry with a focus on batteries.  From there Greg moved on to Argonne National lab where he was instrumental in the development of new organic synthesis and formation of polymers for biological processes.  Greg then turn his attention back to inorganic where he focused his efforts toward making new silver pastes for PV applications and became a project manager to lead these projects.  Greg  is currently working on new additives in the electronics application world, i.e. FHE, displays, PV, automotive, etc.

Media Partners or Co-Organizers

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Our Uniques for our Members and Sponsors

Our Uniques for our Members and Attendees

All-year-round events on emerging technologies

Our events are, in a sense, perpetual events. Our events do not begin and end in one or two days. Instead, the event goes on for the entire year. What this means is that we organize regular major and mini conferences on select emerging technology topics throughout the year for our members and sponsors. Indeed, each year we bring our subscribers 500+ analyst-picked LIVE online presentations and 10+ industry-led masterclasses.


Never miss a thing

remember the days when you had to choose which talks to attend as there were too many parallel sessions or how you had to run between sessions only to realize that the agenda timing was off and you had missed that key talk or the key speaker?


Well, with our approach, you will never miss a thing in any of our conferences, be they a past, present, or future event. All our content will be available on-demand all-year-around on any device, putting a searchable library of talks on select emerging at your fingers tips.


On your screen anywhere anytime

remember the days when you sat at the back of a crowded room, and had to struggle through many heads to see the screen, and then you had to take out your camera to try to capture an out-of-zoom image of a slide?


Well, with our approach, you can watch the talks from the comfort of your room and take screen shots as you wish. And remember being stuck in a track when a speaker was advertising too much or boring you too much? Well, with our approach, you can simply change tracks in live conferences or when watching on-demand content you can fast-forward the talks to get to the important bits.


Commercializing Impactful Innovation

We spent more than a decade analysing numerous emerging technologies around the world. Our team and advisors are always on the look-out, researching the technology and market landscape to identify the key players from OEMs and end users to innovative start-ups and commercially relevant researchers. 


This means that you can hang back and trust our team to bring you handpicked and interesting talks from across the globe and from across the value chain.


As a member you can always suggest themes to us so that we can go and explore the landscape, and bring you the selected leading talks. Think of us as your support team, and not just as event organizers!


The Full Global Picture

We curate our events to offer the full global picture, covering key innovation trends, enabling or breakthrough technologies, market dynamics, and emerging applications.


In fact, we take curation extremely seriously. We do not outsource out agenda/programme building to a so-called committee. Instead, this is our core task, day in and day out looking for state-of-the-art, inspiring, and commercially-impactful talks on emerging technologies.  


Subscription Model

Remember the days when you had to pay an extortionate amount for a ticket to an event that lasted two days and just covered a narrow set of topics? Or that you had to spend a fortune on flights, accommodation, time out of office, etc only to realize that you attended the wrong event?


Well, with our approach, with a single annual subscription fee you will have unlimited access to our integrated portal, enabling you to participate in all our LIVE conferences, engage with our on-demand library of past content, learn from masterclasses, and benefit from our online networking platform. In other words, you buy one ticket at a cost comparable to any good event, but instead you will get an annual access.


Think of it as the Netflix of presentations on emerging technologies!


Online Networking 

Networking in physical events is fantastic and memorable, but only when you can actually connect with the right people. How many times were you restricted to catching up with old friends and contacts (which is awesome, by the way) or only managed to meet a couple of speakers and some sales people on booths and came back with only a few business cards?


Well, with online events, you can really search the entire attendee base and connect with any member of the community. This means your reach is targeted and amplified at the same time. Of course, bonding over a beer in a beautiful far-away city is fantastic (if your event is not taking place in a bland business centre with dim lights, worn-out carpets, and bad ventilation), but you can still do that after you have made the connection. Only this time, you only show up only for the important pre-qualified meetings!


Community Centre Platform

Our online platform is fully integrated meaning that it brings together the agenda, the streaming, the on-demand, the booths, the attendee-to-exhibitor video links, and, crucially, the community together in one easy-to-use online platform which is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  This platform allows to search and find all members of the community and to reach out to them directly.  

Our Uniques for our Sponsors and Exhibitors

All-year-round and online

This is one of the central pillars of our proposition to our sponsors.  Our shows do not begin and end in one or two days. We create and sustain a packed schedule full of events throughout the year on our focus topics and themes. Our schedule consists of paid-for major conferences and free-to-attend mini conference, ensuring that you receive a constant steam of high-quality leads and exposure.  

Once you set up your booth at our fully integrated virtual event platform, you can keep it for the full year. This would not be be some virtual booth in a space that everyone including the event organizers forget about. Instead, this will be an active virtual booth, meaning that every time there is an event as part of our packed schedule of events you will get leads ad analytics on anyone who engages with your booth, content, or sponsored session(s).


Of course, at any event during the year, you can turn on your attendee-to-exhibitor one-click video link so people can meet you live during your open hours. And if you have some new results or something exciting to announce, then you can just email us anytime during the year and we will update your booth!

Content engagement and analytics

This is a central part of online sponsorship because it allows you to receive leads and analytics on persons engaging with your booth, downloadables, talks, demo talks, or sponsored sessions.  It is like knowing who visits your booth throughout the year or knowing who was in the room when you delivered a talk at any time during the year.


You can also sponsor other sessions to expand your catchment area and topics beyond your own talk(s) and booth. This is a unique feature of an online all-year-around conference series.

Modern digital marketing

In some ways, our offering is close to a modern all-year-round digital marketing and lead generation service. We are not like a classical event organizer who provides you with a space for 2 days.


Instead, we work with you closely year after year, ensuring that you receive high-quality leads backed up by detailed analytics and excellent marketing within your target areas.

Of course we offer all the other important features of online marketing such as newsletter inclusion, registrant email shots and notications, etc. Just ask our team!

We have fantastic media partners too who can also open their newsletter and marketing channels to you as part of your agreement with us. This means amplified and unrivalled reach!

Freemium model

We have a freemium model solely for the benefit of our sponsors and exhibitors.  This means that throughout the year our schedule will consist of paid-for major conferences (accessibly only by members who buy a single attendee ticket) and free-to-attend mini conferences.


The latter ones are open to the public and are heavily marketed. They however take place in the same fully integrated events platform in which the paid-for events take place and in which your booth, talk, and demo videos are located.

What does this mean? It means large-scale exposure.  Why do we not make all events free? Our decades of experience shows that leads qualified through a paywall are ultimately superior, even if fewer in number.

This is a unique feature of an online all-year-around conference series.


Our event curators work with you as a sponsor to develop our agenda and programme, ensuring that we cover the right topics that match your core existing as well as future emerging target markets.


We will have at least a year to work together, and in this time, we do our best to create or ajudst our programme so that it aligns with your interests. We have built our business on the basis of repeat sponsorship fees. As such, delivering on this promise is vital to us. This is a unique feature of an online all-year-around conference series.



Our service does not end here. We are extremely well connected globally and have a well of data  and market knowldege at our finger tips. We would be delighted to help our sponsors with personal introductions to potential partners and customers. We only count this as a successful introduction if we actually set up a meeting, and not when we just shoot an email into the dark.

Korea connections

We have excellent connections and on-the-ground presence in Korea. We can support you to arrange in person meetings with potential partners and clients in Korea. This is a seperate service to our standard sponsorship packages. 

Our Topics in 2021


Novel Electronics

  • Printed Electronics

  • Flexible Electronics

  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics

  • Structural Electronics

  • Electronic Textiles (e-Textiles)

  • Electronic Skin Patches

  • Continuous Health Care Monitoring

  • Roll-to-Roll Electronics

  • Large-Area Electronics

  • OLED Lighting

  • Large-Area LED Lighting

  • Microfluidics

  • HMI and Membrane Switches

  • Printed Logic

  • Thin Flexible IC

  • Organic Photovoltaics

  • RFID and NFC

  • Perovskite Photovoltaics

  • Piezoresistive Sensors 

  • Force/Pressure sensors

  • Peizoelectric Sensors and Actuators

  • Haptics

  • Printed Organic Sensors

  • Hybrid QD or Organic-CMOS Imagers

  • Printed Temperature Sensors

  • Printed OLED

  • Electrochromic Displays

  • Thermochromic Displays

  • Electrophoretic Displays

  • MicroOLEDs

  • MicroLEDs

  • Printed Thin Film Transistors (TFTs)

  • Printed or Flexible Memory

  • Stretchable Strain Sensors

  • Humidity Sensors

  • Gas Sensors

  • Flexible Displays

  • Flexible Polarizers

  • Transparent Heating

  • Transparent Conductive Films 

  • Thin Film Encapsulation

  • Flexible Barriers

  • Solid State Battery

  • Si Anode Battery

  • LiS Battery

Advanced Materials

  • Peroviskites

  • Graphene

  • 2D Materials

  • Carbon Nanotubes

  • Quantum Dots

  • Novel dyes

  • Narrowband Phosphors

  • Si Anode

  • Graphite (Natural, Synthetic, Coated Purified)

  • Solid State Battery Electrolyte (e.g., LiPON, LLZO, LATP, LGPS)

  • Activated Carbon

  • LCO and LFP

  • NMC, NCA and LM

  • OLED

  • TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence)

  • Organic Semiconductors

  • Solution processed IGZO

  • Lithium Metal

  • Metal Sintered Die Attach

  • Low Temperature Solder

  • Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives

  • Isotropic Conductive Adhesives

  • Thermal Interface Materials

  • Vertically Aligned CNTs

  • 3D Printing Metal

  • 3D Printing Materials (Photosensitive Resins, Thermoplastic Powders/Filaments, Ceramic Powders)

  • Thermoelectronics

  • Material Informatics

  • Low-loss PTFE

  • Low-loss modified PI

  • Low-loss LCP

  • Particle-free Inks

  • Nanoparticle Inks

  • Stretchable Inks

  • Copper, Gold,  or Silver-Copper Inks

  • LTPS

  • Aerogels

  • Carbon Inks

  • UV Curable Dielectrics


  • ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) Precursors

  • Boron Nitride 

  • SiC

  • clear PI and  Other Flexible Substrates

  • Dispersents


  • InMold Electronics

  • Inkjet Printing

  • Aerosol Deposition

  • Laser Direct Sturcturing (LDS)

  • Transparent Electronics

  • Spatial ALD

  • Roll-to-Roll Electronics

  • Electrohydrodynamic

  • Spraying

  • Pick-and-place

  • Stamping/Transfer Printing

  • 3D Printing

  • Nanoprinting

  • Flex printing

  • Gravure Printing

  • Thermal Sintering/Curing

  • Photonic Sintering/Curing

  • SMTs (surface mount technology)

  • Inspection

  • Evaporation 

  • Sputtering

  • Ultrapreicison Printing

  • Wafer Printing

  • Vapor Jetting and Spraying

  • Plating

  • Dispensing

  • Stencil Printing